Al-Awadi for of scaffolding and prefabricated houses

Established Company Mazen Al-Awadhi & Co. ( Al-Awadi for of scaffolding and prefabricated houses ) in 1985 as a small company working in the field of buying and selling construction materials and took the progressive development , perseverance and hard work and the continued development and improvement and a focus on quality and customer satisfaction , and the grace of God Almighty , above all, the company has become the Kingdom of the major companies that supply the sectors of construction in the Kingdom and neighboring countries, including the necessary equipment and taken to expand little by little until it became a major leading manufactures mobile homes and buildings, prefabricated scaffolding and all Systems Altobar metal which made us contribute to the construction of many bridges, reservoirs and Hinajeroualemncat vital in the UK where he became The company owns a factory developed a total area of 24,000 m 2 is estimated . multiple activities and industries.
And it was the task of the founders ( Mazen Al-Awadi and his brothers ) is not only in the construction of the country, but also a vote of confidence with all of the permanent work with us and with all of our work for them, and so we go with our partners in building the future.

Keen Company Mazen Al-Awadhi & Co. since its founding to apply the same guidelines, has succeeded during the twenty-six years to build a reputation for excellence in terms of integrity, credibility, and excellence , and its ability to deliver projects in line with customer requirements in terms of the factors of time , budget and quality, the company enjoys a proven track record of excellence in the implementation of projects , which earned her a privileged position in the construction sector , thanks to its characteristic high level of professionalism and the ability to apply modern technologies in addition to follow the methods of modern management


Our Vision

That occupies a leading place and ahead and to be of the first companies in Jordan and over the next ten years through the provision of services is unmatched in the industry and trade sector, contracting and reliable our customers and take pride in it.

Company's contribution to the construction boom in the Kingdom :
The company has contributed to a large urban renaissance in the Kingdom, where she was able to provide to the contractor all he needs of advanced construction materials interfere with the solid work and less time and at less cost. Highest quality and workmanship.

The company's contribution to the reduction of unemployment :
The company provides Mazen Al-Awadhi & Co. more than 100 jobs, most of them young Jordanian ambition which provides them with health insurance, social security, and where the company supports all national initiatives aimed at reducing unemployment and providing job opportunities for Jordanians such as Royal Initiative National Company for operation and training.

The company's number of social and charitable programs at the local level :
Where the company supported charities and sports clubs and centers memorization of the Koran and contribute effectively to the building of mosques, where has built more than 20 mosques in different aspects of the Kingdom and also has built a house to care for orphans called ( House of Mercy Orphanage ).


Our Goals

  • Continue to support the Jordanian contractor Milesmh of all equipment.
  • The introduction of new products in the local market for use in the manufacture of caravans and scaffolding industry and Systems Altobar metal.
  • Open new markets Majarh countries and the Gulf states.
  • The introduction of new products to our showrooms.
  • Conduct a comprehensive media campaign for each of the company's products through participation exhibitions organized annually and the work of brochures, catalogs, visit their sites and contractors in their projects.
  • Obtain the ISO certificate world where the company has taken many stages in the application of the system.