Props & Formwork Ties

Telescopic Props:

Telescopic Prop Systems that are used as a shoring mechanism under the flooring and beams is per-formed in two different types, open and closed .

The telescopic props of closed mechanism are used to carry the lighter loads and the open mechanism plantings have endurance of 25 KN and they are designed for heavier loads .

In the manufacturing of ALAWADI Telescopic Prop Systems , certified pipes are used and the manufacturing process is conducted on sub-gas automatic welding machines.

The adjustment holes of the internal pipes are drilled via special 9 hole drilling machine to minimze the possibility of buckling .

The surfaces of the planting systems, for which the production process is completed, are painted with ant-irust paint.

This means durability and long term utilization. Based on request , Height of the prop is 3.25m, height of the out pipe is 1.50 m , height of the other pipe is 2.00m, and the weight of the prop is 11 kg.

The high tensile steel pin is located through a slot in the outer section and a hole on the inner section for coarse adjustment . The cast collar located below the pin gives fine adjustment for lending and striking.

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